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  elem directory
Name/Web Page E-Mail Position
Adams, Patti
1st Grade
Austin, Jenniferjaustin@forsan.esc18.netAide
Averette, Carrie 5th Grade
Boren, Tricia    tboren@forsan.esc18.netCook
Campbell, Sammyescampbell@forsan.esc18.netSpecial Ed
Carter, Hannahcarter@forsan.esc18.netPrincipal
Cole, Stacyscole@forsan.esc18.net3rd Grade
Cunningham, Halyehcunningham@forsan.esc18.net4th Grade
Buske, Amanda PEIMS
Ezell, Libby  lezell@forsan.esc18.net1st Grade
Fulgham, Cheridancfulgham@forsan.esc18.netMusic
Gressett, Whitney 5th Grade
Gutierrez, Angie Secretary
Hollandsworth, Kindergarten 
Hirt, Heather hhirt@forsan.esc18.netKindergarten
Jones, Tammi 2nd Grade
Kelso, Jean 3rd Grade
Lindsey, Jeanette 2nd Grade
Marlow, Theresa Aide
McGinty, Custodian
Melton, Ericaemelton@forsan.esc18.netPre-K
Mims, Mysti Counselor\Dean of Students
Newton, Diana Title 1 Coordinator
Newton, Tracy tnewton@forsan.esc18.net3rd Grade
Nichols, Jaime jnichols@forsan.esc18.net2nd Grade
Park, Stacey 1st Grade
Ramos, Lupe lramos@forsan.esc18.netHead Cook
Rhodes, Nancy Kindergarten
Richardson, Assistant Principal 
Saucedo, Aide 
Seal, Debbie
4th Grade
Sherrod, Custodian 
Spivey, Lyndi Aide
Stockton, Tandi 5th Grade
Tonn, Reginartonn@forsan.esc18.net4th Grade
Tucker, Aide 
Vedder, Christycvedder@forsan.esc18.net4th Grade
Williams, Lucylwilliams@forsan.esc18.netCook
Whitmore, Estherewhitmore@forsan.esc18.netAide
Woodfin, Aide 
Wright, Kathleenkwright@forsan.esc18.netAide

hs directory
Name/Web Page E-Mail Position
Averette, Tamara
Instructional Aide
Brown, Social Studies / PE 
Couch, Kristi Math
DeLaGarza, Kelli Library Aide
East, Stephen Special Education / Coach
East, Angie Aide
Evans, Reading 
Evans, Tera English
Felty, Richard Humanities/Science
Freeman, Kara Math
Hillger, Robert Soc. Studies/Coach
Huckabee, Angela Counselor
Huckabee, Gary Math
Johnson, Seth Math / Coach
Jones, Sheila Science
Kirkland, Gary Reading/LA
Kirkland, Suzanne skirklan@forsan.esc18.netTechnology Apps
Lefever, Family / Consumer Science 
Lefever, Shelbyslefever@forsan.esc18.netSocial Studies / Science 
Lowery, Kenny Principal
Matthies, Misty  PEIMS Coordinator
Medina, Assistant Principal 
Mereness, Sara Cook
Miranda, Bertha  Cook
Morales, Consuelo Spanish
Morales, Custodian 
Moellendorf, Chans Assist. Band Director
Moellendorf, Technology Apps 
Myers, Charis  Aide
Park, David Science / Coach
Park, Steve Math
Phillips, Jason Chemistry / Coach
Rhodes, Jim Band Director
Richardson, Cory crichardson@forsan.esc18.netCoach
Rodriguez, Custodian 
Roemer, Kristian Jr./Sr. High School Secretary
Short, Ag 
Stone, Erin English
Stone, Keith Math
Strickland, Science 
Taylor, Shanna English / Coach
Thompson, Tommy History / Coach
Vedder, Lloyd Social Studies / Coach
Vidal, Frank Resource Officer
Willard, Diane